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Haunted House: The Cellar (Jr. Pac-Man Hack)

Jamcat Reloaded

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It has been decades since the magical family heirloom urn was recovered from the old Graves Manor. Since then, the manor has been boarded up, abandoned, and left to decay and rot in the elements behind a fence that surrounds the property.


But lately there have been new rumors going around that Graves Manor holds another artifact, the Satan's Skull idol.


It is said that below the manor is a cellar which was not accessible from the main floors. It is somewhere in this cellar where the Satan's Skull idol is said to be hidden. You decide you will try to get the Satan's Skull artifact for yourself. Besides the idol, it is said other treasures litter the floors of the cellar as well. 


You jump the fence surrounding Graves Manor, and after some searching, you finally locate the outside entrance to the cellar which was covered by debris. Clearing the debris away, you cut the rusted lock off the door to the cellar and open it. A stone stairway goes down into the darkness. For a moment, you think you see a pair of glowing eyes looking at you from the darkness, then they are gone. You turn on your flashlight and ready yourself to venture down into the cellar.


Getting the Satan's Skull artifact won't be easy. Like the urn, the Satan's Skull idol has been broken into 7 pieces. There are 7 levels to the cellar, with 1 piece of the Satan's Skull idol on each level.


By the way, you will not be alone. The pieces of the Satan's Skull idol are protected by shapeshifting demonic entities that roam each of the cellar's 7 levels. The forms these entities take are spiders, bats, snakes, and ghosts. If you are touched by any of these forms, you will lose a life. You have 3 lives.


To fight these entities, there are magical talismans scattered throughout the cellar. Obtaining a talisman will reveal the true form of these demonic entities, but only for a short time. During this time that the entities are revealed, they can be dispelled by being illuminated with the light from your flashlight.


Good luck!




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On 2/18/2020 at 8:31 AM, Skarrj said:

hmm..no reply.  Scamcock threatened to copyright strike you didn't he.  That is his go to signature move.

No, I saw the hack was removed. Figured maybe Albert considered the hack "bullying". 


Sorry I despise Hancock. Dude can't take any negative comments about his "museum", and gives excuse after excuse about it. 


I also despise Tommy "Mike Kennedy 2.0" Tallarico and his little Amico ego project. Worst CEO ever. Dude can't take any negative comments about his console. Tommy complains about the "haters", but hates on the haters which makes him just as bad.

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