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DAC offset query


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This is my first post here, so first of all, hello everyone!


I'm due to take delivery of my first Vectrex soon - a console I've always fancied owning. I love vector games! Anyway, on to my question...


I've seen mention of resetting the DAC back to zero, but can't find what doing this actually does! There's even a vid on YouTube showing how to do it, using a test cart and multimeter, but fails to mention the reason for making the adjustment.


Can someone enlighten a Vectrex noob, please?

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You're making sure that the voltage is zeroed out when nothing is being drawn to the screen. Logic board generates digital signal and DAC converts to analog to drive the vector monitor, it's kinda like setting the idle on an old engine. There are some bad vids out there, best place to start is giving the vectrex service manual and read through a couple times, helped me a ton. It's like 40 pages long or so, covers in some detail of the operation of circuit, find it on console5 or other places.



good day.

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