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Someone is Selling Their 23,000+ Movie Collection For $1M


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Browsing through eBay and stumbled across this listing: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/23-045-Movies-Worlds-Largest-Collection-4K-Blu-ray-DVD-3D-Criterion-Steelbook/264521844688?hash=item3d96bb07d0:g:SLYAAOSwMvtZSJKj


23,045 movies for $1M. I have no idea the value of movies as I don't watch many movies, and those I do are on a streaming service. But at $1M that's an average price of about $43 per movie, but he does have quite a bit of (according to him) rare stuff. Regardless, even if it's a fair price, the logistics of shipping that many movies would be a huge drag.


In any case, I don't want to dump on the price. Just thought the auction is pretty out-of-the-ordinary and figured some folks here would get a kick out of it. The pictures are pretty incredible to see, his basement looks like an underground Blockbuster.

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I got a kick out of it!


Criterion collectors are pretty hardcore. Steelbook and slipcover fans not far behind.  He's got some cult labels in there too with good value. And some OOP titles/gift sets do fetch big money. But a mil? Woof.


And the oddest thing....he has a massively valuable collection....and it looks like his shelves were all built from 3/4 oriented strand board....some of the weakest, worst sheet wood known to man.



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People that do this are just hoping for lots of free advertising...

(And it worked, everyone will share it on social media either saying 'wow' or 'what a con', etc... )

But it gets people looking, then they glance at his 1000+ other auctions (conveniently all for individual movies on disc...) and maybe buy something...

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