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About the idea of running a CAR/ROM file from RespeQt:


The scope of this feature would be limited to 8K/16K non bank switched cartridges.

And many of them contain code to write on the ROM area so that the program is destroyed if in RAM.

So if we remove the cartridges using bank switching and the cartridges having a protection, how many cartridges still remains?


We could also add a patch database in RespeQt so that the cartridge is patched on the fly to remove the protection (the write instructions).

These patches have already been done when the cartridges were converted to files.

But maybe a huge work for not so many titles...


Any comments?

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41 minutes ago, DjayBee said:

I guess that for every cart which could be handled this way, there are already two XEXs doing exactly the same

Yes, that's why I ask if it is really useful to add such a feature. I guess not.

Big dev for games that are already available as XEX...

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There are some games that in CAR version work on 64K machines and in XEX version need memory expansion.


But if this feature would be limited to 8K/16K non bank switched cartridges then yes, I think it would be not so useful.

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