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Genesis Controller Adapter to Intellivision II/Flashback


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This wouldn't work without some circuitry or modding the genesis controller itself. The genesis controller will output one or two different buttons on a single pin depending on the logic state of the select line. Think of it like bankswitching. I haven't opened up one of the flashback controllers but the original ones are purely passive controllers, and I know you can adapt them with a passive cable, so logic would serve the flashback controllers function the same. Intellivision controllers output a grey code to identify the disc position and button presses. What you would need is some kind of circuit to shift in the buttons from the genesis controller and output the equivalent grey code to the intellivision. Also, there is no power available at the intellivision controller port so an external power supply would be required as well.


Genesis controller pinout: https://pinouts.ru/Game/genesiscontroller_pinout.shtml


Intellivision controller matrix: http://arcarc.xmission.com/Web Archives/Deathskull (May-2006)/games/tech/intvcont.html


Passive cable pinout for flashback and original intellivision: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/252792-controller-repair-suggestions/?tab=comments#comment-3515455

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You can ignore the grey code and wire up the four pins from the dpad to the corresponding four pins for intellivision.  This would work with all 4-way intellivision games and some 8-way games.  You need some diodes to get multiple buttons working.  Without diodes you can get at most one action button working.  The genesis controller takes 5v on pin five.  Not sure if that is required as intellivisions and intellivision flashbacks don't have a 5v pin.

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