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Looking for Recommendations


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I'll help get it rolling.



For "Jak and Daxter type things," I really liked Hat in Time, Ratchet & Clank, and Knack.  Knack gets a lot of hate, but I thought it was a pretty great throwback to older, simpler 3d platformers.


For the 2D type of platform games (not Jak and Daxter type things) -- Rayman Legends,  Shantae: Half Genie Hero, and Shovel Knight are 3 of the best, imo.


Also --


Thomas Was Alone, Little Nightmares, and Unravel are pretty special, but light on platforming


And if you'd like a bit of action with that platforming, Strider and Guacamelee are amazing as well. 


Everyone else seems to love Sonic Mania, but it wasn't for me.  

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Thanks malrak. I've heard of some of these. I didn't get on too well with Ratchet & Clank because I found collecting all the bolts quite tedious in a way I didn't with wumpa fruit in Crash Bandicoot say.

No I didn't like Sonic Mania either. Thanks for the other suggestions! I will check them out :)

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