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Princess Quest for Intellivision ROM now free


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Hi all.


It's my absolute pleasure to announce that Princess Quest for Intellivision is now available freely as a ROM file. ?✌️


Also it's a great opportunity to say to everyone that I appreciate your support through the years, and thanks for everytime you buy a physical copy of any of my games, and I hope to keep writing many games more for Intellivision. ?


Enjoy it!





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Just now, cmadruga said:

Great game... I couldn't finish the cemetery stage after a long time in it.

Is it just really long or do I have to do something to trigger the boss fight?

You need to locate five crosses, some are visible, and some only appear after shooting key spots. Use the pause to see how many crosses you have.

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Was copying Turbografx 16 CD games over to my modded PlayStation Classic and accidentally copied Princess Quest over at the same time.  Tried playing it with the Retroarch Intellivision core and despite some sound issues Princess Quest player really well there and looked so sharp with HDMI.  I really need to get a video mod for my Intellivision.  

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