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Vectrex Asteroids Controllers


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I make these, now in 4 different overlay styles.

More details HERE


I also do a generic one, wired for 'Atari' standard 9 pin plug. The buttons are mapped to left,right,up,fire and down, unlike the Vectrex whichj is mapped to buttons 1,2,3,4 and Joystick down (hyperspace)



Asteroids controller both types close.jpg


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Those are fantastic.  I tried emailing you from your site but maybe I did that wrong.  I was wondering, you mention on your site -


"The vectrex controllers also have 2 buttons at the back, mapped to Vectrex joystick positions UP & Down (this is useful for navigating flash cart menus and entering hi scores on games such as Vector Pilot)"


I was wondering if you might do a custom version of the buttons.  Instead of on the back, have them on the top (with the other buttons) on the upper left corner (where those little round dots are on the original color and black & white Asteroids design) and use the old-school "volcano" lights with the cherry LEDs -




I would think the shorter version would work better.  Anyway, could that be done?  I suppose there might be a cost increase but I think they would look pretty cool and really arcade "accurate".


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To do it for a one off wouldn’t be financially viable. Also, the cone buttons are VERY expensive if you can even find them and they are much bigger than the circles on the art work, so they wouldn’t fit either.  I have done up,down,left and right buttons on the back before for other multicart menu systems.

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3 hours ago, sramirez2008 said:

These do look amazing. Makes me wish I had a Vectrex.

I can also make them so they work with any ‘Atari’ 9 pin cable machines. I can wire the buttons to joystick L,R,U, FIRE and hyperspace (DOWN)

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No. To use the vectrex analog stick (directions) as a button, it needs to be converted to digital via a small circuit (very simple 8 resistor job)


I could wire a buttons controller to (joystick) left,right and buttons so it could be used for Minestorm though.

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16 hours ago, TB-303 said:

Yesss I would love to order one compatible with minestorm in the near future please ;) I'll leave you a PM once I'm ready within the next few weeks

Whenever, dude. I am machining a batch tomorrow, hopefully build a bunch over the weekend...

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