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alphachars ASCII in 160A mode

Karl G

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I'm not having luck working with the full ascii characterset in 160A mode. I modified the "hello world" sample to change the displaymode and changed my string lengths accordingly, but the text lines end up garbled or missing:




The code for the modified sample file is below, and also zipped up and attached with the included atascii.png.


 displaymode 160A

 rem **background color...

 rem **set the height of characters and sprites...
 set zoneheight 8

 rem **import the characterset png...
 incgraphic atascii.png 160A 

 rem **set color of 320A text palette 0...
 P0C2=$0F : P0C1=$0F : P0C3=$0F

 rem **set the current character set...
 characterset atascii

 rem **set the letters represent each graphic character...
 alphachars ASCII

 plotchars 'Hello World!' 0 0 0
 plotchars 'It`s good to be here' 0 0 1 
 plotchars '12345678901234567890' 0 0 4

 goto main 




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In my revised version, it was line #2 after the displaymode line. If displaymode should come after the set commands, then maybe it would be useful to say so explicitly. Definitely not a criticism - just trying to think of what could help others who might be similarly confused. 

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Oh, and one more minor request - it would be nice if the included atascii.png file eventually contained the 4 printable ASCII characters after "z". It did work as expected when I e.g. added a pipe symbol to the correct position, and included a pipe in my plotchars line, though.

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