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Heavy Sixer not mfg in Sunnyvale?


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So these are my pics from my auction on eBay.  Had an email from someone saying this is not a Heavy as the corners aren't rounded (they are imo) and ALL Heavies were made in Sunnyvale but this link suggests that's not entirely true..




Do I have an oddball Heavy?

2020-01-29 13.35.23.jpg

2020-01-29 13.35.29.jpg

2020-01-29 13.36.26.jpg

2020-02-23 09.29.16.jpg

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The ones made in Taiwan are less desirable versus the made in the USA model but that is still a 100 percent genuine heavy sixer. That person who said that to you has no clue what they are talking about. 


EDIT: Console only Taiwan heavy sixer with a non-heavy sixer power supply and nothing else is sure to give you a very hard time reaching a sale at the $140 price tag you have on it currently. Perhaps checking out what similar consoles have sold for recently would help you find a price that will see your auction to success.

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