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An era skipped, and a better organiziation



I know a site labeled Atari Age tries to discuss other gaming issues and topics on the forum should be related to Atari.


Maybe classic consoles, computers, and handhelds can be measured with Atari as a meterstick.


I notice that systems after 3DO and before Xbox One are totally skipped.


The first both is the Atari related stuff like dedicated home units, arcade, 2600, 5200, 7800, 800, Lynx, Jaguar, etc...


And then the categories for others, could be grouped into groups organized by Atari.


pre Odyssey 2 Magnavox and Coleco and others would compete against dedicateds.


Fairchild. RCA. Bally Astrocade and Odyssey2 is vs 2600.


Intellivision, Colecovosion. Emerson Arcadia 2001, and Vectrex vs the 5200


NES, SMS, Vs 7800.


SNES. Genesis, Neo Geo, TG16, Cdi and 3DO vs Jaguar


Game boy, Game Gear, and Turbo Express vs Lynx.


Apple II, Commodore Vic 20, 64, TRS-80, and IBM vs 400/800


Amiga vs Macintosh vs ST


These systems are skipped.  AI hope generations ate obvious:


Saturn, PS1, N64


Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox, Game Cube, Xavix,


360, PS3, WII


WII U, Xbox One, PS4 (would Switch be here or next one?)


Then there could be "era topics" like "system wars" about any "playground points". " High score club". "Dare to Compare"  about multiconsole games.

"Tech then and now" about the projects that make yesterday's systems better with new homebrews be and new inventions, Ali's discussing motebtech points.


I just feel weird about putting non high score items in a system specific item, even though it's not a high score, there's no "general" system folder.


Where can I say X-Men Vs Street Fighter could have fueled a "Saturn offers what Playstashuns" system war ad.

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