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Lynx High Score Club 2020 - S.T.U.N. Runner


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We had a request recently for some real hardware only Lynx high score club,
let's do a few rounds and add those to the Atariage Lynx HSC records. 


settings - start at level 1 - no continues

Deadline to post scores is April 1st 2020 at 12PM EST

Final high scores -

PFG 9000 328,550

Link to manual -


Any corrections please post



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The PocketGo version of Handy seems to have buggy collision detection in this game, so I was able to get farther than I ever did on real hardware. There is a lot of variety to this game that I really would have appreciated back in 1991. 


Sorry I don't have a physical copy handy (think it's in storage? or did I sell it?) or I'd contribute a high score effort. 

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