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Free JVC 13" crt broadcast video monitor (pickup in Boston, MA area) (NOW GONE)


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I've given this away and its no longer available.  Thanks.


I have a 13" JVC crt broadcast video monitor.  I bought it for, and I've used it for retrogaming the past 2 years and it's worked out great.  It has an internal speaker (mono) and the screen looks great. 


This is the same model and it looks exactly like this:



I'm ready to get rid of it as my interests have changed and I don't have a lot of storage space to just hang on to it indefinitely. Due to its weight, I think it'd be a pain in the neck to pack and ship it, so I'm offering it for free to anyone nearby to me who would like to pick it up.  Its located in the suburbs about 20 miles west of Boston, MA. PM me if interested. 

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Yeah, although I don't want to keep it in storage, it is a very moderate but still useable size for retro gaming. I intentionally got this size because I was in an apartment at the time and needed something that was a smaller size, and because I wanted to use it to make something similar to a game kiosk.  Here's a photo of that. This was a pretty good small footprint setup (forgive the mess around the setup, I was moving apartments at the time of this picture)

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I don't know what the xegs or Falcon use for output...  The bvm doesn't have an rf hookup or vga or hdmi input. I think it has what are called sdi inputs however it can also take the yellow red white rca input in case you have a modded 7800 system  or run the rf system through a vcr and use the vcrs rca out. 

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