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Atari Flashback X Custom Firmware for USB roms and boxart

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I have no clue. I just followed the steps and it worked. did you get the dev tool to work and say "found one loader device"?


Continue to hold the recovery button until the tool shows “Found One LOADER Device" in its status bar. 
Click on the "Upgrade Firmware" tab and then click on the "Firmware" button. 
Locate the firmware image on your PC, click on "Upgrade" button and wait until “Reset Device Success” shows in the status window. 
Turn off the console and disconnect it from your PC.  


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you want to put the cfw image on the drive by itself. not with the other files. check your firmware version on the about screen and make sure the official atgames update worked. otherwise make sure your usb device is formatted to fat32.

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The vanilla X DOES have the option to update via USB. That's what I have.

I'm not sure what happened but sounds like you sorted it out. next you will remove the update image from your device and put just the mount_sd file on there. put it in the system and let it sit for few minutes. maybe launch a game. 


if that works and you dump the rom folder, go ahead and put the startup file on the drive too, repeat the steps above to dump the emu folder.


or download my theme and rom pack, and put them on the drive with the 2 control files.

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Here is the "emulator" dump for the Legends Flashback 2019 (standard edition) if its of any use. The ColecoVision (lbcv.so) core is in there for example. (The fixed Disney roms were removed.)


Its all basically the same thing as the AFBX. The "emulator" folder was dumped with a startup script.




Note: this is not for just swapping into the AFBX with the CFW. This is just to look at on a PC and take files out of if they are useful. REPEAT. DO NOT PUT THIS "EMULATOR" FOLDER ON THE ROOT OF YOUR USB DEVICE FOR YOUR AFBX!!!

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On 3/8/2020 at 7:41 PM, Brad_from_the_80s said:

Greetings Atari fans. 


I have had the standard Atari Flashback X sitting around here for a few weeks and finally got around to creating a custom firmware to allow you to load additional roms with boxart from USB (using USB OTG hub/cable and a USB drive of your choice).


The basic idea is the same as the firmware I created for using the SD card on the Flashback 9 series, see original thread here:



Attached here you will find a CFW version for the standard Atari Flashback X, and also one for the Atari Flashback X Deluxe.  The standard firmware has been tested a little, but I don't have a Deluxe model to test.  However it's the exact same hack, so I think it should work for those who need it.  If it does work for you then feel free to report back, or I can tweak as needed.


In the zip archive you will find an atari_update.img file.  You can follow the AtGames official firmware instructions to load this firmware image using the same desktop flashing tools.


HOWEVER, if you have applied at least one of the earlier firmware updates then this new CFW can be applied in a manner similar/same as for the Flashback 9.  Simply attach your USB drive with the atari_update.img file in the root and the system should detect the update and flash the same way it did for Flashback 9.  After successfully applying the firmware delete the atari_update.img file from your USB drive. 


As before, the customizations are activated by the presence of the "mount_sd.ini" file in the root of your USB drive (yeah, I didn't bother renaming it).  By default the custom firmware will dump the internal /rom partition from the device to your attached USB storage and then use the USB copy of /rom for game roms, box art and all-games.ini file. 


Also included is a sample startup.sh custom script you can include in your USB drive.  This script will also dump and run the /emulator partition from your USB drive.  This should allow for tweaking the artwork.


One tip, if you are using an old or slow USB thumb drive (like USB 2.0), you may need to wait a few minutes to allow write operations to complete when first allowing the CFW to dump files, so be patient.


I haven't messed with the Flashback X or this CFW much really.  it's simple enough, and I think it should work fine, but if you do find issues just report here and we'll see what can be done about it.


No warranties, use at your own risk, etc, etc.






AR3060_CFW.zip 6.23 MB · 20 downloads AR3060S_Deluxe_CFW.zip 5.81 MB · 19 downloads

Thank you very much! I wasn't expecting to see something like this, very much appreciated. 

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Has anyone else noticed that the box art looks jacked up on the Atari FBX? It's really noticeable on diagonal lines on the large box art, M Network games really look bad. I don't remember it looking like this on the AFB9, but I gifted my FB9 to my buddy when I got the FBX going so I don't have it to check anymore. After working so long on the boxart for the FB9, I can't believe I wouldn't have noticed this.

I'm continuing to add Homebrew games to the pack. A lot of them don't have box art so I am creating them as I go. I'm at about ~930 games. I'll post the update when I reach ~1000.

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all-games.ini file is generated/belongs in the rom folder. the AFBX had moved it to the emulator folder in this new model. It was "moved" back to the rom folder with the CFW control files. There is still one left over in the emulator folder generated by the startup.sh file. Ignore that one.


In the rom pack I posted, it will contain an all-games file in the rom folder.

Here is one from the vanilla FBX.


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Okay, thanks, but I would like to use my own collection of ROMs, not those from FBX or other collection and I dont have corresponding all-games.ini file generated.


Also, is it possible to use different resolution or aspect ratio for an emulator? I am using HDMI-AV converter for my 4:3 TV cause I like it looking retro :)

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just take any ini file, open it with notepad, delete the entries you don't want to appear, create correct entries for games you want to implement. all ini files are the same, you have to edit them. When finished, it goes in the rom folder.

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yes manually. the tool to do it was never created. there was a tool in the rom folder of the legends flashback 2018, but im not sure it is correct for the FBX (but I'm sure it is similar) It could maybe generate some kind of base file.


You put it in the folder with all your roms and then run it.



It will create an all-games.ini file with an entry like this for each game in the folder:



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