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On 1/13/2021 at 8:20 AM, karri said:

Thanks for these ideas. I am familiar with virtualisation. The idea to keep Lynx in a separate VM might be the cleanest solution.


That is essentially what a Docker container can do, without the overhead of a full OS.

I will create a new topic and show a step by step guide to use Visual Studio Code with Docker to do Remote Containers for CC65 development.

Later I would also like to provide an environment for newcc65 and BLL development. Looking for the official sources of newcc65, btw  

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I may have hit an encoding bug in sprpck.exe. My version is dated Sep 2020. I have a simple sprite as below (actually 7x7, so I enlarged for visibility):




then I invoke this command:


sprpck2020.exe -v -p1 -t6 -i160102 -S007007 -o060014 powerups_bomb.bmp pow_bomb


and here is what I see on the Lynx:




If I execute the command with the -u option to get a literal sprite, then change my SCB to also indicate literal, it displays correctly.


BMP file attached.



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