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Swap Meet in the Toronto area!!! Finally!!!


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The First Annual TokenGamer Public Swap Meet!!! Hosted by TokenGamer aka Ryan.


Finally a Public Swap Meet has come to the Toronto area in Mississauga!!! This event is open to everyone who is willing to make the drive. It doesn’t matter if you have 10,000 games or 10 games in your collection. Old and new gamers are welcome. Atari to Xbox – it’s all good. Bring all your traders (new and old), cash, items to sell, something you want to show off or just bring yourself and meet the people you’ve encountered in the forum. Bring some friends too and spread the word!


Start saving all those great things you’ve been finding at yard sales, fleas and thrifts all summer and bring it all to the meet. Start saving your money too!!! This is the place where you will have the opportunity to expand your collection and meet other gamers from the GTA area!!!




Open to everyone! Don’t be shy!

Location: Lorne Park Community Center, 1288 Lorne Park Rd., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

********Date: Sunday, August 24th********

Time: 3pm – 6pm

Admission: $7 flat fee for everyone

Parking: FREE!!! Lots of parking!

2 small TV’s will be set up for testing purposes

Several tables and chairs are available on a first come first serve basis

Pictures of the event will be posted online


I’ve done my best with regards to the date and time of the event. Most people should be back from vacations by then. You’ll have a good part of the summer to find stuff to trade and make some money to buy stuff. Do whatever it takes to attend this event cause if you don’t make it, you’ll be kicking yourself all year looking at the pictures of everyone having a blast!!!


P.S. Can I get a sticky on this post???






From the QEW Eastbound

Exit Mississauga Rd.

Turn Right onto South Sheridan Way

Turn Left on Indian Rd.

Turn Right on Lorne Park Rd.


From the QEW Westbound

Exit Mississauga Rd.

Turn Right (South) onto Mississauga Rd.

Turn Right on Indian Rd.

Turn Left on Lorne Park Rd.


The Lorne Park Community Center is located in front of the Lorne Park Secondary School main entrance (you can’t miss it). The parking lot is shared with the school. I went for a drive to test my directions and found that tree growth is covering some street signs so you might want to take a map with you just in case.


For more info regarding this event, feel free to contact me at tokengamer@iprimus.ca or go to www.cgcc.ca and browse through the forums for additional info, updates and announcements.

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thanks to chromizone who brought to my attention that the 31st is the labor day weekend and that could severly affect attendence.




to avoid any conflicts with long weekend plans!

sorry about the confusion.



ps. sorry inky

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I wish to be there in Mississauga, (west from Toronto) now, but right now I still in Vancouver, BC. I will be moving to Toronto later in the Fall :sad: Oh well....


I hope everyone will enjoy visiting Toronto, that is largest city and great city! ;)






Jason :)

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TAF was pretty much the biggest Atari users' group in North America until it dissolved in the late '90s. It does still exist -- nominally -- but you can try contacting "acting president" Ken MacDonald at k_seumas@sympatico.ca. He hasn't answered my e-mails in months, though.

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The first annual TokenGamer Swap Meet has come and gone with great success!!! Thanks to all who attended!!! Big round of applause!


Attendance expectations more than doubled. Lots of people walked out with lots of stuff. Everyone was very courteous. There were no major (or minor) incidents. It seemed as though most of the deals were gracious and leaned in the buyers favor. I know I gave out a few good deals. I was hoping it would become a trend and motivate people to attend the next swap meet.


Speaking of the next swap meet... I have already set the ball rolling for it. All proceeds from this swap (including the money I made from selling my own stuff) are going directly into the next one. I have come up with plenty of ideas for it in terms of marketing. I’ll create another thread to take any suggestions/feedback from everyone just like before. I want to seriously increase attendance but I’m still not sure if I want to get a larger place right away just because there was still an empty table or two and lots of room to move around. I’m committed to eventually competing with the shows in the US. I’m confident that we can do it here in the GTA in the next few years. The larger US shows have had a considerable head start but we can kick ass too!!!


I really enjoyed talking to everyone and putting user names with faces and real names. Hopefully this event expanded everyone's collection and makes people more comfortable with trading through the mail to continue expanding collections now that lots of us got a chance to meet in person.

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