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Final Fantasy 7 remake


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8 hours ago, Ninjabba said:

I specifically like the part they kept Cloud as the inconsiderate bastard he portrays in the beginning of the original. I was expecting them to tone it down for whatever reason, but when he deadpan asks some old suffering man for 5000 gold in a sidequest I got a good chuckle.

Yeah my favorite thing is that he's clearly got two smokin' hot chicks after him all game long (and another one for about 1/3 of the game) and whenever they ask him if he's gonna stick around for a little while, he says "if the price is right". When Jessie asks him to literally come over and stay the night, the only possible responses are "Not gonna happen" or "I'll think about it". I have literally shouted at the screen about what a dumbass he is. I've often wondered if there's supposed to be some subtext about his sexuality, beyond what the story explicitly says... I mean he is just beyond hopeless when it comes to women.

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Finished this last night. Quite the ride with all the boss battles in the last chapter, but I felt satisfied after beating Sephiroth (not really a spoiler, any other final boss fight would've been a dissapointment).. there's a nice message talking about the continuation after you beat it, hopefully they'll release part 2 somewhere next year.


There's been an interview with the creator where he reveals that they're working on part 2 and its been suggested it shouldn't take another 5 years this time:


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