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20 hours ago, slx said:

Wow, that is hard. Still working on A/1. Managed to get the wall flashing and dropped a lot of rocks on it, collected all the jewels but found no way to exit the level. What am I missing? I remember playing quite a lot of Boulder Dash back in the 80s but that must have been the first version as I didn't remember it to be that hard.

Managed A/1 now after watching the demo and realizing that you have to drop the rocks through the flashing wall rather than on it. Will try B but it feels a bit too much like work, even with Corona.

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As an experiment I downloaded BD2 the old version.




As we all know we are playing the tarted up version. But the above version IMO plays so much smoother than BD2 25th.


I suggest if your fighting with excessive lag try this version. To get a better feel of the orginal. Even though this does not count in this round, unless endorsed by TRBB.



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Hmm I thought it was just the title screen that was different, now I need to take a look again too!


B1 is fun, my tips are possibly better than the video as you can get more diamonds, get confidence and stand in the piles too, also you can stand next to the top pile of the drop and use the grab/grab push. (RT has brought shame on Rockford as he never leaves a diamond behind!)


Like I said after you figure out each screen, it's similar on each of the 5 skill levels. Note you can only start on cave A on skills 4 and 5 if you are playing to pick off the screens. I'd encourage players playing this way to tackle each of the starting screens A E I M rather than get frustrated on one particular screen. When it all clicks you can speed through the game... over several hours :D


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Haven't played yet. It is pretty much of a crisis here in The Netherlands with all the Corona stuff going on. I am a music teacher in primary schools and in my own music school and I have to organise all kind of digital music lessons and other stuff.


I hope I can play soon. At least I downloaded the game now and put it on my a8. 


I hope I wil understand the way the scoring goes. So it is about completing levels, if I understood right... 

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On 3/15/2020 at 11:21 PM, Mangia-Boy said:

Level A not completed. See you next time in two weeks. This is not my game.


Me too. 


Like I wrote 30 minutes ago, I am in a stressful period now (probably all of us). This game is not for me. When I voted for it, I thought it would be like Boulderdash. I believe I have to read a manual or watch a movie to get it. I do not have the rest in my body and mind to do that. 


So we will see in 14 days. Pity, HSC could have been a nice distraction from all the shit happening. 

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17 hours ago, carlsson said:

Ok, so with help of RT I finished B/1 but only grabbed 15 of the required 16 diamonds on C/1 so that remains for another day to solve.

I like the "C" caves, make use of the grab when releasing fireflies and have a plan to destroy them or seal them in, also handy to create some space for you to pass them in.


Take it easy everyone :love:

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The first one is reasonably easy: The fireflies seem to like to flock together, so kill the first three fireflies with dropping a stone each. Let the fourth roam free, wait for it to follow you like a puppy (I got NetHack vibes from this, though usually I don't try to kill my pet on purpose in NetHack). Hide just on the right side of the walled in area and when the last firefly comes, drop a stone so it explodes and opens up the area. Clear all the dirt below the horizontal (magic) wall, possibly pick up the two diamonds and then let stones fall through the magic wall to turn into diamonds. Pick them up, leave the area and find the exit just below.

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P was tricky.


A1, B1, C1, D1, E1, F1, G1,H1,I1, J1, K1, L1, M1, N1, O1, P1

A2, B2, C2, D2, E2

A3, B3, C3

A4, B4, C4



All Bonus Life Rounds (Failed)


Stone Fire (Its no Boulderdash but quite nice)

Level 11


I would like to see a Boulderdash game as one screen but each Boulder 1 pixel or mayby 4 in square. Mayby a game for the future.

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A game using one pixel per object sounds like something for a sadomasochist, or at least whoever develops a such game needs a good spanking!


I don't know about the A8 scene (though I had a brief look at Atari-Mania before), but on the C64 there were games such as Run for Diamonds (1987), Mini Boulder (Antics compilation 1987), Super Rockfall (1993) and more recently BulderJones (2002, part of 1K Minigame Compo) and 4k-BASIC-Dash (2009) which all use objects that are 8x8 pixels which probably is the smallest practically possible resolution. Perhaps the A8 has graphics modes where a 4x4 resolution would be possible to operate so you could squeeze in 80x50 positions on the screen but you would need a big TV or squint a lot with your eyes... hence the sadomasochist comment.

Edited by carlsson
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26 minutes ago, RedThunder said:

Lets play Boulderdash 1 as well ?


When you've finished all the screens on BD II from the start then go ahead :D


Ok some sort of first table... scoring may change but I think this is fairly reasonable if we do 1pt per screen and leave people to choose whether to play from the start (like myself) or use the various entry points :!:



Overall Screens Completed
  1st   therealbountybob                50  12pts
  2nd   RedThunder                      27  11pts
  3rd   oracle_jedi                     21  10pts
  4th   graywest                        14  9pts
  5th   McKong                          12  8pts
  6th   Starbug                          8  7pts
  7th   Deteacher                        6  6pts
  8th   Fallout_002                      2  5pts
  8th   carlsson                         2  5pts
 10th   slx                              1  3pts

Level 1
  1st   therealbountybob        A1-B4         50
  2nd   oracle_jedi             A1-E2         21
  3rd   RedThunder              A1-P1         16
  4th   graywest                A1-N1         14
  5th   Starbug                 A1-H1          8
  6th   Deteacher               A1-F1          6
  7th   McKong                  A1-F1          6
  8th   carlsson                A1-B1          2
  9th   Fallout_002             A1-B1          2
 10th   slx                     A1             1

Level 2
  1st   RedThunder              A2-E2          5
  2nd   McKong                  A2-B2          2

Level 3
  1st   RedThunder              A3-C3          3
  2nd   McKong                  A3-B3          2

Level 4
  1st   RedThunder              A4-C4          2
  2nd   McKong                  A4-B4          1

Level 5
  1st   RedThunder              A5             1
  2nd   McKong                  A5             1


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39 minutes ago, carlsson said:

For that matter if BD2 isn't enough of a challenge, why not play through some of the 40++ hacks instead of the original BD1? At least one or two of those level hacks should have interesting level designs and probably very rarely played through times.

Kendallsoft Kaverns on NYD 2018 :evil:

Another time we could all make some new levels for a round eh?


so it seems Boulderdash is a Marmite "love it or hate it " game, so let's survey HSC players:

me I love both (you cannot be neutral so pick!) my theory is Marmite lovers love boulderdash too II too !

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