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Remaking my first ever bB game


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Original binary


So I wrote the first version of Stake Toss within 48 hours of downloading bB for the very first time, It was just me following along with the available information to see what could be created quickly and while I was impressed at how easy and quick it was to learn the language and to get to a finished binary... it kind of sucked. A lot.
My solution is thus: rewrite the game Stake Toss by starting over fresh ( 0 reused code), create something that feels like the same game but plays in a much more satisfying way. I'll be doing this by using space saving tricks, adding more game-play elements, and generally just taking more than 2 days for development. I will be calling this Stake Toss 1.1


Current development:

  • Title screen: preceded by credits screen, has "animated" blood drops, after ~10 seconds of inactivity will show the "rules" screen. Has about a 1.5 sec fire button restrainer to divert accidental presses
  • "Rules" screen: several quick screens in a row (about 2 seconds each) displaying the number of points you can get for various actions in game.
  • Main Playfield: 2 playfields currently, outside/graveyard and inside/hallway
  • Item pickups (Shield and Stake Upgrade)
  • Enemies with basic tracking, increasing HP and speed with each enemy killed
  • Hit Flashes: enemies flash red when hit, your screen flashes if you are hit (White while shielded, Red while not)
  • Shield Hits and Slayer HP is shown with pfscorebars
  • Basic SFX via lightweight code (hit,kill,block,damaged,pickup,upgrade,next room, death screen)
  • Death screen: uses a Yar's Revenge type effect for animation, 1-2sec fire button restrainer to divert accidental restarts, flashing score display.
  • Cheat Codes!

How to Play:

Press the fire button after the title screen has displayed for at least 1.5 seconds (but before the rule screen shows up after about 10 seconds) to start the game. You play as a slayer of the undead with an enchanted stake weapon. Holding the fire button will cause the stake to move in a straight line downward from where it was released from your hands. Releasing the fire button causes the stake to return back to the Slayers hand. The slayer can use a shield which blocks 4 hits from the undead. While carrying the shield you will take no HP damage. Once the shield takes it's 4 hits it breaks, and your HP becomes vulnerable. Contact with any undead (except with your stake weapon) will result in a hit occurring on you.


Kills and Rooms:

After each undead is killed, the next undead spawned in will be slightly tougher and faster. Eventually they start to get larger as well. When 40 kills happen in the same room the north side of the map opens, allowing you to go into the next room.



Silver Stake: Extremely deadly to any undead. Upgrades your enchanted wooden stake. If you kill 50 45 enemies in one room (don't go through the north side door when it opens at 40 kills, instead keep killing the extra large undead) the Silver Stake will drop on the ground in the lower left corner of the map. Once picked up it will be equipped until you die, and will do massive damage to any undead it hits. Without the Silver Stake the undead can take many hits to put down.

Mirror-Polished Shield: The brilliantly reflective metal brings light into the darkness. Effective on completely negating damage from the undead for up to four hits. If you lose your shield, simply wait a few moments, eventually a new shield will respawn in the bottom right corner, pick it up to equip it. There are no health restorations so shielding is the only way to stay alive longer.


Cheat Codes

You can enter cheat codes by pressing certain button combinations during the rules screens as follows"



Hold UP and press FIRE while on the KILLS screen = Start with 39 kills

Hold DOWN and press FIRE while on the SHIELD screen = start with the shield

Hold LEFT and press FIRE while on the ROOM screen = start in the second room

Hold RIGHT and press FIRE while on the STAKE screen = start with the silver stake


You can apply any combination of cheats you wish you use, they will be applied when you start from the title screen. Cheat settings will persist after death. You can toggle any of these cheats off easily by pressing fire on the relevant rules screens to clear the cheat out/turn it off.



Screenshots/Download Links


Download the current binary:



Edited by Sknarp
Updated the binary to 2nd beta
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We'll be featuring Stake Toss Remake LIVE on tomorrow's (Wednesday) ZeroPage Homebrew stream on Twitch at 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 2AM GMT! Hope everyone can watch!

- Text Adventure (2020) by @satyrsfaction
- Fish Fight (2020 WIP) by Edward Smith aka @easmith
- Stake Toss Remake (2020 WIP) by @Sknarp
- Tyre Trax (2019 Patch Challenge) by Lewis Hill aka @Muddyfunster





Edited by ZeroPage Homebrew
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2nd beta (binary on first post)

- Fixed bug with playfield being drawn from the main loop (!)
- Fixed bug where you could start with shield blocks when not wearing shield
- Added 2 more enemy sprites and randomized them on spawn
- Made the enemies a bit stronger and dropped the silver stake requirement to 45 from 50 kills


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