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Breaking News Atari Portfolio Repairs Being Offered


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I have exciting news , not only have I successfully combined two dead Atari Portfolios into one working unit , I am going to start taking old dead Atari Portfolios from anyone with the hopes of combining them into a working Atari Portfolio Unit. Here is the deal, send me a PM , and I will work out the details with you. If I get enough parts such as motherboards I will start to make 640 K motherboards from them, so send me your useless or spare parts.


I know how to take the Atari Portfolios apart without damaging them, I have taken 8 or 9 apart now and successfully put them back together, the only part that I do not do is soldering , I have a friend that does that. Also I have a French keyboard if anyone wants the keys. Interested in old German and other language keyboards too...


For those of you who are waiting for an IDE kit, the prototype is about 95 % ready, I have to test it, hopefully sometime this week I will get it to test. Not likely today but I will be seeing Don maybe today.




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