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Newport Controls joystick question


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I picked up this controller a little while back and was wondering if anyone might have information about it.  The only markings are around the plastic ring at the base of the metal stick.  Newport Controls Bishop, CA  Pat. Pend.  

I don't have a working 2600 at the moment, so I cannot test it, but thought it looked kind of neat and was cheap enough to get.   Thanks for an info.


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I have two of these myself but they have beige colored bases on them similar to the color around the joystick shaft. Mine both work well but I don't use them much as I find using something like the Tac-2 or Epyx 500XJ to be more comfortable. I got my two controllers with a large lot I picked up from an estate sale over 15 years ago and I believe the original owner got them for use with their Atari 8-bit computers as that is what was mostly in the lot I picked up at the time.


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I was mistaken. Mine have a black base just like the top portion does. But the rest of it is the same. I just played a quick round of Krazy Shootout with mine to confirm it was still working well and...yes! Works quite well still.




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