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Feeling Retro


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Today I bought (downloaded) Sega Genesis Classics for $12 and Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection for $20 for the PS4. 

I do have retropie as well, but I always said I would pay if they released the old stuff.

I am thinking of getting some more retro compliations, if anyone can suggest any.

This is my first post to Modern Gaming, or PS4 forum.  Thanks.

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PS4 doesn't have as many retro compilations as earlier console generations, but there are some good ones. 


The Atari Flashback Classics 1-3 that dj_convoy mentioned are great. Most of the popular titles are on vol. 1 & 2, while vol 3 features some 2600 homebrews, 5200 games, and arcade games that never had console ports. If you have a Vita or Switch, all 3 volumes were combined into one release for those systems, and the Vita version is the best bargain at $20.


Along with the Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection, Konami has also released similar collections for Castlevania and Contra. All three are frequently discounted to $10 each during PSN sales. From Capcom, there are 2 collections of the original Megaman games, 2 collections of Megaman X games, and a Megaman Zero collection. The Disney Afternoon collection has their Disney licensed NES games. And, they've also released Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection with most of the old SF games and the Capcom Beat em up Bundle with 7 arcade games.


If you want more obscure compilations, there's the SNK 40th Anniversary collection which has a lot of pre-Neo Geo snk arcade games. There's also a compilation of Double Dragon & Kunio-Kun which has 18 old NES/Famicom games from Technos. And, if you happen to have kids who played Lego Dimensions, there's a Midway Arcade expansion pack with a bunch of arcade games. Not worth the setup cost unless you happen to already have the base game though.


There are also a couple PS2 on PS4 SNK compilations available for download, like Metal Slug Anthology, ADK Damashi, and a few fighting game series like the King of Fighters Collection.

 These go on sale pretty frequently too.


Beyond the compilations, there are a ton of individual retro titles for download on PS4. Namco has individual PSN releases for Pac-man, Ms Pac-man, Dig Dug, and Galaga which are frequently on sale for a buck or so each. Then there's the Arcade Archives and ACA Neo Geo series, which offer dozens of old Japanese arcade games. They're expensive, but some of them are great games that never had home ports.

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I love the Konami Arcade Classics Collection, great way to play the Gradius games outside MAME, it does have a couple of dead ducks on there too, but Gradius 1&2 alone, make it worth the price of admission. The Castlevania collection’s are highly recommended too, I’m a big Vania fan and already had access to most of the games, but bought the collections anyway to show support. 

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It's small in scope, but there's another Disney compilation with classic Lion Kong and Aladdin games from the 16-bit era (Capcom's Aladdin for the SNES isn't included).


And while they're not videogames, it's worth giving a nod to the many classic pinball tables that have been simulated in The Pinball Arcade. Pinball Arcade has two physical compilations containing season 1 and season 2 (The latter is a Euro exclusive), which is great since many of the best tables from those early seasons are now delisted from the digital storefront. And most of the non Bally/Williams releases from season 3 onward are still available to buy digitally.


Lots of great classic games on the Playstation 4. 

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