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NES Smart Boy Tetris


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My dad recently showed me a game he picked up years ago at a yard sale.  I have never seen anything like it.  It is a Nintendo NES game cartridge.  The game is SMART BOY Tetris.  It is in a plastic box with game instructions.  Appears it was a rental game.  Anyway, it is obviously super rare.  If anyone knows anything regarding it's worth or is interested in buying it, please contact me, as it will probably be going on Ebay soon. 




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So, what is actually on the cart? Is this game a unique port, a hack, or just a copy of existing game?


I know of exactly 4 ports of Tetris for NES. A 5th version would be interesting.


Nintendo Tetris (gray cart)

Tengen Tetris (black cart)

BPS Tetris (Famicom)

Tetris 2 / Bombliss + variants (Famicom)


Tetris 2 Famicom actually plays like real Tetris and completely unrelated to the shameless DR Mario clone by the same name that we got in the US.


Edit: manual says "a tengen release." So physical variant of black cart tetris. Carry on.

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These where sold to rental stores to try and avoid extra costs. The company behind these where a furniture companyat there core that also sold some some tech, IIRC. They didn't sell these for very long as the whole idea was a major fail. Some of these have sold for $200 to $250 in the past but that was a long while ago. This is all very easy info to come by so don't be fooled into thinking the OP is looking for info, he's looking for dollars and nothing else.

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