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adding score0 and score1 together

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Hi all,


I've run into a problem where I'm trying to add two scores together but do not seem able to get the code to work.


I have an action that triggers "score0 = score0 + 1" and displays it. - all good


I have a second action that triggers "score1 = score1 + 1" and displays it. - all good


I want a third score to be the sum of score 0 and 1. 


My thinking was I could define "score2" per the documentation, like "dim score2 = var1 (noting it will use var 1, var2 and var3).


I then tried to update it with "score2 = score 2 + score0 : score2 = score2 + score1"


but all I get is zero even though score0 is ticking up on each event as expected.


I also tried just adding score0 to score1 and still got nothing.


is it not allowed to add score variables together?

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Yeah, the score code only handles very specific operations. Adding scores together isn't one of them, and honestly I don't want to bog the language down with more 24 bit math.


If you really need to do that, you can resort to some assembly...


 ; score2 = score 2 + score0
 sed ; set decimal mode

 ; lowest 2 digits...
 lda score0+2
 adc score2+2
 sta score2+2

 ; middle 2 digits...
 lda score0+1
 adc score2+1
 sta score2+1

 ; highest 2 digits...
 lda score0
 adc score2
 sta score2

 cld ; clear decimal mode



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