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HSC17 Round 6 Poll

Classic Gaming Goodness  

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Round 6 Poll


This time we're re-polling some of the also rans from the first 5 polls, who will win?


Round 5 Boulderdash II is still open for the rest of the week. Post late scores for any rounds you have missed and join in on the current round. Add your favourites to the Season 17 Welcome and Games Suggestions thread.


Multi-pick polls this season so vote for as many or as few as you wish: check all the ones you like before clicking the vote button! The winning game will be played and the runner up(s) are re-polled next time. Poll ends Sunday 29th March


Atarimania has info on the games, I've posted links to Fandal's site below but Atarionline.pl usually has several versions of each game or try the excellent Homesoft site.


Please join in and post or message me if you need any help



Robotron 2084

Runner up from R1 Poll

Download XEX


Blue Max 2001

Highly underrated but a very good sequel to Blue Max

Download XEX



Now we have a bug fixed XEX version thanks to Wilheim :thumbsup:

Download XEX / Download+Info on atariage thread


Super PacMan

Joint runner-up from R5 Poll, Joint 2nd runner up from R3 and R4 polls. Like Block on Legs he can change size when he eats a pill, wish I'd thought of that :o

Download XEX (PAL fixed)


Count the legs if you don't believe me

Version with Title Screen Animations - and PAL system fixes


Montezuma Again!

Joint runner-up from R5 Poll. Hack by Jose Tomas Parga 2018. Not sure if this is based on the Parker Bros Ver but might be worth a play here.

Download XEX



Get the roller's in for this crazy platformer (can't find a nice screenshot)

Download XEX


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47 minutes ago, RedThunder said:

Just out of curiousity, if you only had one vote allowed. Which game would of been you main choice ?

Block On Legs: First Steps :grin:

It's very hard to pick one this season as I've deliberately stacked each poll with great games to compensate for single game in 2 weeks (so far) but if I had to pick one I'd sorta like to play Blue Max 2001 even though I know it will be a bit on the difficult side for several players (mainly the controls - like they are in Blue Max). It's been absolutely years since I played 2001 ;)

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1 minute ago, Marius said:

Dr. Mario is excellent, although (my opinion) once you get further, it also gets slightly boring. Or is that just me who thinks that?



I only played it on the SNES. I always loved playing it and on these versions it got quite hard.


And pirate made version on Amiga.


If only there was Worms on the XL ?


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2 hours ago, Marius said:

Dr. Mario is excellent, although (my opinion) once you get further, it also gets slightly boring. Or is that just me who thinks that?



I agree, it's a decent game but maybe too easy for too long (from memory)


OK we might be breaking out a bonus game to keep everyone busy... let's see what the poll results with first ;)

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