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New Atari ST game, VergeWorld: Icarus is coming!

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Hi all!

Just want to mention we're making this new Atari ST game, called VergeWorld: Icarus, a sci-fi shoot'em up/ racer in which you are a smuggler piloting an aircraft on a distant, desert planet ruled by a tyrannical corporation. This is just the tip of an iceberg, as we have very rich lore and cool gameplay ideas. The game is in development, but we got some recognition so far.

Well, if you're interested I'm going to post the updates, with the first one being the gameplay from Atari ST.

Video in the link below!

VergeWorld Atari ST

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Really nice ! :thumbsup: 

I't always awesome to see new games for our ST.

I hope you'll be able to optimize it for ST, STE and...the Falcon ? (another challenge).

But...Maybe you should translate the first word of the title in french and see what it means (sorry about that but associated with the "Icarus rising" or the "is coming"...well :) )

Again, my apologies, i'm going back to drive my Audi "etron" (same marketing problem ?)...



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We'd like to announce that Mr. Gary Winnick, former LucasArts art department supervisor on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure, co-creator of Maniac Mansion and Thimbleweed Park, as well as having worked on such iconic games as Rescue on Fractalus!, Defenders of Dynatron City and Star Wars, has decided to join our team!

You can visit his page and see his works for yourself: http://www.garyart.net/

Mr. Winnick will focus on the concepts, as well as creating some image art for VergeWorld project. To have such a game dev legend with us is an honor! Welcome aboard!

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I second the question above. Was pretty excited hearing about this a couple of years ago, but seems that everything regarding this project has gone quiet. Would like to know if you guys are still working on this.

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