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Atari 8-Bit/5200 Homebrew Completed/WIP in 2020

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Atari 8-Bit/5200 Homebrew Completed/WIP in 2020


Below is a list of all the Atari 8-Bit/5200 homebrew games that have either been completed in 2020 or have released an updated WIP in 2020. Please let me know if there are any missing or inaccurate entries.





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6 hours ago, Philsan said:

Good idea, thanks!

Thanks! It's something that I wished existed already so why not be the change you want to see.


6 hours ago, Philsan said:

Missing AA nicknames so far:

Michał Jaskuła @Mikeee76

Paul Lay @playsoft

6 hours ago, popmilo said:

Please add @TIX to wonderboy credits as graphics artist :)

Thank you both for the extra information, I've updated the list!


- James

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1 hour ago, patjomki said:

What about Flimbo's Quest?

The last update on Flimbo's Quest from the developer I can find (at least on AtariAge) is from Dec 11, 2019. The last video update I can find is from Nov 4, 2018. The last downloadable version is from Nov 3, 2018. Nothing new in 2020 so far but if you find a new video or binary let me know and I'll add it to the list!

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9 minutes ago, Mclaneinc said:

There is no Phoenix, it was lost in a drive crash..

Yeah, but he started working on it again.


It says "2008"... but maybe that's just when he first started working on it again. You'd have to get an answer from him if it's being worked on in 2020 yet or not.


Phoenix Demo - Video


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I thought I read recently that he thought a few times about starting again but just could not face it..


Obviously I hope that it IS being done :)


Just looked, looking sweet....Glad its back on course...Ta MrFish...

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9 hours ago, dely said:

Great Green Adventure 2 by @dely (code + gfx) and @Zlew

Looks like this game was completed and released in 2019, was there an update in 2020?


11 hours ago, McKong said:

Two new Bruce Lee games were being worked on by @Ute and @fantômas

Looks like the last was in 2019, nothing in 2020 that I can find yet. I'll keep a watch on this one.

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Hi James :)

What is missing:


There were 18(?) 10-liners in different BASIC dialects in NOMAM BASIC Tenliners contest 2020 edition - but I'm not sure whether you count them, as tenliners were omitted in Atari Homebrew Awards for 2019


Mines by Fabrizio Caruso published in New Year Disk 2020 - it's a strategy game in 10 lines


Lord of the Orb Xaver maps set 004 by Marcin "Xaver" Kasztelan - new levels of a classic game

link to AtariOnline forum


Myślozbrodnie / Thoughtcrimes by Tomasz "TDC" Cieślewicz, Krzysztof "Kaz" Ziembik - a WIP(?) game, originally from Global Game Jam, latest version is v0.4


Noddy by Tomasz "Tbxx" Boksa, Jacek Boksa
The game was created in the nineties (1994?), published in January 2020 on AtariOnline.pl
link to AtariOnline


Rocket Rescue 2020 Edition by Jan "Grevle" Johnsen - an update published on AtariAge
Grevle also published Mary Poppins v1.17 in March on AtariAge, but it seems a cosmetic change (the number of initial lives).

XXL published an improved version of "Aztec" game (removed some bugs, slightly easier gameplay):

link to AtariOnline forum

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