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Consolidating my collection


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I am going through my collection and consolidating it down to the stuff I really want to keep.


I will have a lot of random game related stuff being posted over the next few days week. Everything from consoles, games, and game related accessories. I also have some Star Wars and other random electronics that people may be interested in. My entire GameCube Collection will be going up on Ebay in the next day or two as well. 


Here are a few things that are up there now.


All my Genesis doubles in a bundle. (SOLD)




PS1 Storage Unit




Dead Heat Scramble Sealed (SOLD)




DuckTales for Wii U (SOLD)




Gamecube Collection (SOLD)




NES Lot with New Pins and 7 Games (REMOVED)




Nintendo 64 Console (SOLD)




Memorex 5 Outlet Power Center (SOLD)




Nintendo Wii Travel Bag (Psst, I'd take $5 bucks for anyone that wants this.)




1990's and 2000's Computer PC Parts (Untested, backup parts for people who like to mess with things. again, $5 bucks and you pay shipping and it's yours.)




Star Wars Revenge of The Jedi and A New Hope Wooden Wall Prints (Same as above, I'll go as low as $5 for these if you pay the shipping.)






PS2 Bundle




Xbox Bundle




Crystal PAL XBOX





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I want to keep everything! But space is becoming an issue.


I am mainly a Sega Genesis collector so that's not going anywhere. Most of what I am planning on posting and "consolidating" are my dupes and accessories that I really do not need. My Gamecube collection is not that impressive at all but since I just modded my console I no longer need the games.  So that's now up there. 




I also found an extra NES laying around so I replaced the pins and pulled out my duplicate games.





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Eliminating dupes and excess accessories is a great way to bring a collection into focus and liven it up - whether by necessity or want. Removing excess bulk is another good thing.


This doesn't mean you can only have 1 or 2 systems. Have as many as you can comfortably display and operate without frustration.

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1 hour ago, joesant84 said:

Right now some Wooden Wall prints. 


I also have some of those Limited Run Star wars NES games I may put up. They look cool but I don't know what to do with them. 


OK thanks for the info. I was looking for action figures.

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