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Yet another unknown BBS Software for Atari...


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And yea - no hope of finding this one based on the text.. Sounds like it was definitely a one off.. Would love to at least know what it was based on (if anything)....


My bbs running days started in Fern Park, Fl in 1984 with the arrival of
my first MPP 1000E modem.  I my bbs started with OASIS, Then FoReM,
FoReMXe, then a homebrew of IRD_BBS. IRD_BBS was a co-operative effort
between me, James Tackett (The Ring Bearer, of the Realm of the Ring BBS)
and Jon Taylor (The Stainless Steel Rat, of the DiskBank BBS).


(from: https://www.goto10.fr/stories/bought-80.txt)

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