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Due to popular demand on the poll thread we're playing 2 games this round to keep people busy, we can add extra days or a 3rd week on if needed but for now the round closes Sunday 12th April 10am UK time ;-) EXTENDED until Tue 14th April - 10pm UK time (5pm EST)


Super PacMan

An excellent game, can't remember what fandal fixed but his version is probably the one to use. [It was the keys not opening all the doors, thanks McKong]. Combine the power pill with the Super Size pill and hold in fire to motor around and get the ghosts!


Links/Downloads: Ensure the version you play has the title screen text!

Fandal XEX (key bug fixed)

Atarimania ROM


Atari 8-bit forever

Antic Podcast Interview with Landon Dyer

Atariprotos Info


Bonus point challenge - highest score on first two screens in 1 man (to be played as part of normal goes, not just restarting each time)



Montezuma Again!

"Hack" by Jose Tomas Parga 2018. Not sure if this is based on the Parker Bros Ver that is completable and then starts on a different skill level or the Utopia one that has no ending apart from finding the giant stompy guy! Let us find out...

Download NEW 5 Lives Version on Post #33

Score not displayed at end of game - blank screen - press Start [F2] to begin from the entrance screen each time (fire is continue).




Season 17 Current Standings updated after round 5 (Boulderdash II). If anyone wants to play any games they missed and post scores feel free. Oracle_Jedi perhaps you might play that 1 missed round, it will make things interesting for the guys at the top of the table ;)



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Extended play!
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3 hours ago, therealbountybob said:

Season 17 Current Standings updated after round 5 (Boulderdash II). If anyone wants to play any games they missed and post scores feel free. 


Perhaps... I might try Boulderdash II when things are not so stressful here again. Of course I do not want to miss a round... I do not expect myself to get very far though. 

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Super Pacman 46,480


Added some hints and a bonus challenge to the first post.


Found my summary from last time we played at the start of season 14:


S.P. is a pretty good game but it seemed to tail off slightly when the pills become less effective, most of the intensity is early on and most of my deaths were being too aggressive - perfect for a 2 week HSC round though and it's good to start the season with a game everyone at least knows what to do more or less :)


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Because of the high level of difficulty, I set the total lives to 200, so that you can explore as much as you can.



By using the cheat function + debugger in Altirra, I deduced that the lives counter is located in $0088. It is set to $C8 = 200 to start with, so the key is to find where in the code this value is set and change it.


However I noticed that even after losing all lives, upon restart the game starts on the last screen you reached, not from the beginning so no matter if we'd play for high score or most screens cleared, it would be unsuitable for HSC.

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Thanks carlsson, but I think you can press Start to replay from the entrance screen? I was so going to put Block on Legs along with Super Pacman as they both change size, but as we've opened this can of worms I've asked the author for a less lives version and found another tune perhaps?


Also here's the interesting blog for the project



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True. One way to play this in Altirra is to do the following:


Menu option "Cheat" -> "Cheater" (Alt + Shift + H)

Add cheat: Address $0088, value $06 (8-bit) + OK


Now the number of lives will be fixed at 5 (6-1), no count down.

Go back to the cheater, and simply disable the checkbox for the cheat.

Now the game will play as usual, but count down from 5 instead of 200.


When you restart the game, you need to go to the cheater and enable the cheat again, and then disable it for it to have effect.

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