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Need Transalation of eBay Speak


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CYA by the seller. Items sold as "for parts" are less likely to be granted a refund if the buyer files a not-as-described claim.  Some sellers are willing to accept the lower prices these sell for, even for known working items, to avoid the bogus claims ebay's we-hate-our-sellers policies encourage.


Or, maybe it's just broke. Take your pick.


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Agreed that it means BROKEN. 


You could always buy it, test it, and if it doesn't work, send it back at the seller's expense if you wanted to teach them a rude lesson about not selling broken crap on eBay. 

They can say "no refunds" but eBay will stand behind the buyer. This has happened to me as both buyer and seller enough that I won't put anything up for auction that I wouldn't want myself. 

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