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Wireless Atari-joystick (special) setup question


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As my retro shelf is finally ready in terms of the computers and monitor (via Extron switch etc), I started to wonder how to implement a functional (=not connecting/disconnecting joystick(s) physically every time I start playing) way to have only 2 joysticks on the table and 6 computers in the shelf - wireless. There are all kinds of DIY/assembled solutions for wireless (BT) joysticks, but all of the ones I've found have the transmitters and receivers paired permanently ?


Is there any solution/design that would have 2 transmitters and then 6 (or 12) receivers, which I could pair-up each time I start playing?



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I have three sets of Atari wireless receiver/joystick pairs, and the joysticks will work with any of the receivers. If all the systems are Atari 2600 (or compatible) you could take four joystick cables, open up the receiver, and wire two in to each side of the outputs. That would (could, maybe) allow you to use one set of wireless controllers to control any one of three consoles plugged into it. I'd suggest a splitter, but I've never seen one with three outputs. It should be a fairly simple soldering job. You could even solder all the ends of each color wire (at the loose controller end of the cables) together, then solder a wire to each wire color group. That way you'd only have to solder one set of wires to each joystick output inside the receiver. Heck, you could probably use as many cables as it took to connect to all your consoles, connect the wires using the second method I suggested, and theoretically you should be able to control as many consoles as you want with a single receiver, as long as only one is on at a time. I might try that... Anyway, hope that helps!

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