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Saturn\PS1 VS Genesis or SNES\SEGA Pursuer (Justifier clone) Lightgun guts


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18 hours ago, 0078265317 said:

It started working again today not sure why.  Tried my nintendo toaster and the tomee zapper was working on duckhunt mario combo cart.  But the lcd / led modified cart was just blinking.  Tried my yobo fc twin and it worked.  The modified cart and and the tomee zapper both work.  Not sure why it was not working yesterday.


Then tried my JR.  The nes retroport and tri star 8 load nes games but no gun registers.  Not sure why.  So since there is no default way to play nes carts without an adapter you need a yobo.  But yobos are super cheap on ebay.  Mine was only 7 plus shipping.  About 20 total.  Its the same snes connector and real controllers work on yobo so the adapter should work also.  Not sure why not.  I mean the nes controller adapter also by yobo starts the game.  So not sure why the zapper issue.


As for super scope not sure.  It seems the missiles auto get hit some how.






None of what you have said has anything to do with this topic and what you are trying to say is VERY misinformed and presented in a very uneducated manor. Please, just don't. I'm not asking much here. Just stay in your own lane. 

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On 4/3/2020 at 11:32 AM, Asaki said:

Does that work on an actual SNES, though?


No it does not work and will not work. It's just a pinout changer to get the NES plug to SNES plug style for use on those multi console clones which only have SNES controller port inputs.

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Oh and I finally saw the Saturn\PS1 Pursuer PCB's and it has an epoxy blobbed chip in it so it's not super friendly for conversion or modification.

While it would still be possible, it's not very probable for ease of use outside of maybe a quick job turning it into a player 2 justifier.



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3 hours ago, Bratwurst said:

PCB shots of Guncon 1 and 2 in this thread, (scroll down a bit in the first post):




Thanks for the link. Ya there would be way to much pissing around to use that for my likes with that specific model.

I've got wanted threads going on 3 different forums right now looking for various light guns. Between that effort and ebay

I should be able to find something decent soon enough. I really wish I could find a seller that had more than 1 item

I'm after as shipping to Canada is gonna be a bitch as the price to send 2 light guns is almost the same price as 1 in

most cases. This exercise in fiscal responsibility combined with patience is all good in theory but really sucks in practice :P


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While not the exact solution I was looking for, I am happy to share that you can easily convert an SMS Phaser into a Player 2 Justifier by following the exact same schematic used for converting the player 2 blue gun. You just add a momentary switch as your start button cause the SMS only has a trigger.




EDIT: A numbered visual diagram for those who might be interested in trying this themselves:





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Good news! A drop in replacement for the Justifier light sensor is the SHARP IS485E :) Enjoy Reviving your dead guns and making new ones everyone! Mystery solved and case closed :)  I've also attached a PDF data sheet for it. I was so happy to finally have this solved after months of leg work trying to hunt down a solution to this. Props to any and all who helped me out along the way. Extra special thanks to Viletim from Shumps.


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On 3/31/2020 at 2:02 PM, Shawn said:


Ya I had one before (the grey ones) and they had a multi-end on them for use with the Genesis and the SNES. Made by a company called Top Fighter. I tried to find another one but the only info I found was from the auction I bought mine from CIB in 2013 from ebay Australia and most other references to that exact model got eaten by the Langoliers it seems. I forget who I sold it to. Might have been on this forum or possibly on NintendoAge. There are single end SNES and GENESIS versions of this gun as well. Same goes with the multi-end for the PS1\Saturn version in that it has single end versions too. It's more than an adapter that is needed it seems so far with the difference between the Saturn\PS1 and the SNES\Genesis models of the Pursuer. I won't know for sure until I have at least pictures of the pcbs from both, if not actual lightguns in hand. Ben seems to think they are different to the point of incompatibility but he has not read them out with this in mind before. I'm gonna see if he will as he told me he does have a Saturn Pursuer.  


There is also a black one called the Punisher but I've only seen pictures of it and only for the Genesis. 



Hi i got the gray version of the punisher for the genesis, oddly enough when i plug it in on player 2 controller, i just don’t get it to work on lethal weapons, except for the trigger,

BUT if i connect the punisher lightgun to a game axe color in controller port 2, it just works fine,even if you use a 7 to 9 pin plug,trough the nes zapper still  does not work on the game axe color.


eventrough i wonder if the sega mancer does work on the sega nomad.mmm

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