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Multiple Includes w/ Bankswitching


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I noticed I was running low on space so I decided to switch to 8k with a standard kernel.  At first it crashed but then i read about the order of which include and includesfile should be before the set rom size. So I went through and noticed I had two includes: include div_mul.asm and  include 6lives_statusbar.asm.  I first moved the div_mul and everything seemed to work but then I noticed I did not have the lives and status bar so I moved that before the set rom size and the screen went crazy.  I tried moving it around in all sorts of different spots to see if it would work but nothing...


So my question is when using includes and bankswitching, is there a limit or accepted combinations of includes (like the kernel options)? I was curious if I was missing something.


Here is the .bas file (with the include 6lives_statusbar.asm in its original spot):



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