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Pepsi Invaders

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I am pretty sure I found my old copy of Pepsi Invaders, could anyone verify? I’m not looking to sell it, but just make sure I found what I think I have as its one of only 125. My father worked for Coke for 35 years and he gave me the game for Christmas along with my first 2600 system. I don’t have a working Atari right now but planning to get one as I found almost my entire collection!





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1 hour ago, ave1 said:

I was the first one to publicize my "Coke Wins" find back in 1995 in two fanzines: Digital Press and The 2600 Connection.   I have a couple pictures:



Wow yours was in perfect condition, it looks like mine matches up pretty well. Thank you so much for the reply, now to get me an Atari and test it out!

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