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I don't get why people are so eager to create icons with as much details, bells and whistles as possible.

Wikipedia says: The icon "is more like a traffic sign than a detailed illustration". ?


Using IrfanView I scaled down all designs to 48pixels (Windows desktop) and 16 pixels (Windows taskbar). Since this was a quick and dirty job, somebody experienced will certainly receive much better reults, but it should give some hints:


siousb-48.png.95781902b389e4dc944a8cb9915e67f5.pngsiousb-16.png.09f3fed216861f18c2fdca16c0035ab2.pngsio-rainbow-48.png.931d0781462d11b5d83d0e0b8f548665.pngsio-rainbow-16.png.e31f593f30649f9d50c4a81e2bc7ac68.pngsio-stylized-48.png.6cdbccaea74ecacc009954d854fdf71d.pngsio-stylized-16.png.4de3d6de277333c64aad0f9b982c7b22.png  Mr. Fish:sio-mrfish-48.png.67fde966a9f51f7385714dda9932a5c9.pngsio-mrfish-16.png.6f5cbb431d34ca0bc1c1698bb5d7c6fa.png


The USB looks just weird in my opinion and Mr. Fish's design looks quite nice but needs a display with very good contrast to distinguish the "ribs".


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1 hour ago, DjayBee said:

Using IrfanView I scaled down all designs to 48pixels (Windows desktop) and 16 pixels (Windows taskbar).

Thank you for reducing them to 48 and 16 pixels.
We have 4 candidates but maybe more if @jamm wants to reduce the other icons he designed to 48 and 16 pixels.


Then, I think we could start a poll in the forum asking:

- which kind of icon

- which orientation (as it seems to be also a matter of discussion).

My only concern is to be sure to compare icons at the same size that's why it is important to convert all candidates to 48 and 16 before starting a poll.

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8 minutes ago, flashjazzcat said:

Is there a bigger version of this? I think they'll go up to quite some size on the dock, Launch Pad, etc.

I was just focusing on the 48x size to start with; but I'll be doing 32x & 16x, which are some of the standard sizes on Windows 7.


I can do a larger size for Macs, which I know also have some larger standard (maybe newer versions of Windows do too). Even Windows 7 probably does, as I know there's the "Extra Large" icon designation, which probably has some standard. I've just never paid much attention to it, as I only select it for larger picture and PDF previews. I'll look into it; but I'd like to do 32x and 16x size versions first.


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Just now, MrFish said:

Crap!... what size monitor is that for??

Well, they can blow up pretty big in various places... and we're dealing with Retina displays here. I suggest starting with a very large, high-quality image and deriving all the other versions from that. :) I'd also simply like to look at your icon design at a much bigger resolution! :)

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