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HSC17 Round 7 Poll

Info and links on post below, pick as many as you like before voting.  

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  1. 1. No big names here so we'll play the *two* winners in round 7.

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Round 7 Poll: The "Minor" Classics

This time a fresh set of games from the games list, these are not the big name games we have been plaiyng so far this season so we can play the two that receive the highest amount of votes.


Round 6 "Super Pacman + Montezuma Again!" is still open for the rest of the week. Post late scores for any rounds you have missed and join in on the current round. Add your favourites to the Season 17 Welcome and Games Suggestions thread.


Multi-pick polls this season so vote for as many or as few as you wish: check all the ones you like before clicking the vote button! The winning game will be played and the runner up(s) are re-polled next time. Poll ends Sunday 12th April Tue 14th April 10pm UK time (5pm EST)


Atarimania has info on the games, I've posted links to Fandal's site below but Atarionline.pl usually has several versions of each game or try the excellent Homesoft site.


Please join in and post or message me if you need any help




Download XEX



You'll have to trust me on this one, it's quite a good game! Multi screen platformer.

Download XEX


Blue Print

A fun single screener, collect the bits and shoot the giant fishy guy, they don't make 'em like that anymore!

Download XEX


James Bond 007

Long time no play (now was it for good reason?!) I think it is a multi screen game but a bit on the easy side :ponder:

Download XEX


He's dy-na-mite! Nippy little fella do not call him Mr. Baked Bean :lol:

Download XEX


Laser Gates

Decent scrolling space shooter, not overly difficult.

Download XEX


Java Jim

Nice game, hop around find things and avoid the nasties, nothing else to worry about!

Download XEX


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Ok, so I found out that Laser Gates never was published on its own, but in the compilation Imagic 1-2-3? It also contained Quick Step and Wing War. I even found a review in Swedish (!) regarding this compilation, and this is how the magazine reviewed Laser Gates:


It started with Defender and Scramble. Thus an excellent games idea was born. Now it feels rather pointless to push yourself through the 63rd copy of this theme. So you fly from left to right in your space ship and shoot everything in its way. The game not only is old, it also is too easy. Ten minutes later you load the next game and replace dangerous missiles with hamburgers and pieces of cake (refers to Quick Step). Game value 2/5, graphics 3/5.

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Laser Gates is a good game but you can complete it. Didn't realise we had two Imagic games, being a River Rat fan that would be a good round.


So are we lookig at running a dodgy side betting scheme using HSC points on the polls? :pirate:


Porkys TNT and Java Jim are all good games!

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I put together one of my infamous matrices:


                    AT   BP   LG
a8isa1               .    x    .
BoatofCar            x    .    x
carlsson             .    x    .
chevymad             x    .    x
Deteacher            .    .    x
devwebcl             .    .    .
graywest             .    x    x
Gury                 .    x    x
Magmavision2000      x    .    x
Marius               x    .    .
McKong               x    .    x
mimo                 .    x    .
RedThunder           x    .    .
roadrunner           x    x    x
therealbountybob     .    x    x


From this you can read out that if we select Laser Gates + Atlantis, 11 members will get at least one of the games they voted for, 5 will get two of the games they voted for.


If we select Laser Gates + Blue Print, 12 members will get at least one of the games they voted for, 4 will get two games. Unfortunately we can't please @devwebcl because he didn't vote for either of the top 3 games.

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