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Atari Portfolio IDE Kit Prototype Being Tested ATM


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Hello everyone:


Due to Covid-19 I was delayed 3 weeks for getting the prototype for the Atari Portfolio IDE kit, but as of today I have it in my hot little hands, and am testing it now. It get as far as recognising drive D on the Atari Portfolio, but it gives me a sector not found error when I try to read drive D. I am also missing the mk30mbfs.com file from the POFOIDE zip file, does anyone have that file?


A friend of mine in the building is straightening CF pins on my CF to IDE adapter so I am using an IDE drive , formatted to 30 MB with MS-DOS 6.22 , (maybe thats the problem eh?).... anyways is there any other program around or does anyone have a copy of DOS 2 for my dos machine and I will try that.




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