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A Nightmare On Elm Street "Game Maker Style Atari 2600"


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Greetings to all, I am new to this forum. I speak English a little, I say it in case they saw any fault. I wanted to inform you of my next project, it is the game of A Nightmare On Elm Street. But it will be done in Game Maker, it is the only program that will be handled, I don't know if the owner of the forum will allow games outside thetari format. Graphics and sound will be the same as Atari. I am a fan of Atari 2600 and I would like to collaborate with you, because here where I live in Spain nobody respects me when I play these jewels.


a Greeting

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I know that you want these games on the Atari, but my programming knowledge is not that advanced. If you know of any way to convert it to Atari, tell me. I wanted to continue creating more games, but I observed that this one did not have many people, I am confused, I do not know whether to continue.☹️

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It seems that the game maker is not the best option, I see that it gives you errors, I am watching basic tutorials on YouTube. I hope in the future to make this game in atari, but now I have left to study the basic. Thanks for commenting on the error.  Sorry ?


I use the Altirra emulator to program, which one do you recommend for programming in atari?

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Altirra is a nice emulator, but it emulates the Atari 8-bit computer line, XEGS and 5200. If you are aiming for 2600, you probably should look into Stella as an emulating environment. When it comes to making your own game, besides level editors and RPG style Adventure Creator there doesn't seem to exist many tools for non-programmers. It is a good step to learn BASIC, and a good deal of it will apply on whichever format/dialect you end up programming for.


On the 2600, the majority of entry level programming appears to take place in batari Basic while the 400/800/XL/XE have a plethora of various dialects discussed in its programming subforum. Just like you so far have been using a standalone game maker to produce Atari lookalike games, in most cases you would be using a cross platform compiler tool that takes source code from your favorite text editor and puts it into an executable. It is a concept many people may be confused by, but I think you will soon get the grasp on.


There are also tools like the HackOMatic (at least on the 2600) that takes an existing game and lets you make minor changes. Usually those are limited to change of graphics, colours, perhaps levels. Not so much gameplay mechanics as those are embedded in the game, but if you would happen to know an existing 2600 game that is quite close to what you're trying to achieve, it might also be one way forward if you're willing to accept the limitations.


Edit: In case you're interested, last year there was a discussion in the A8 section about construction kit games.


Also if you were targetting something like C64, you'd have both Garry Kitchen's GameMaker, Mirrorsoft's Games Creator and of course SEUCK which also exists in a modified form for horizontal scrollers. None of these to my knowledge were made for Atari systems, well possibly something on the 16-bit ST but that is beyond your target.

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