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Homebrew - Chuck Heads

Glenn Main

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Chuck Heads


A game for 1 or 2 players.


1 player
Move Blue Chuck down or up using the joystick. Use trigger to select a head when holding ball. Each head defines a different kind of chuck :


  • Cool Chuck chucks a Googly
  • Crazy Chuck chucks a Jiggler
  • Cheeky Chuck chucks a Flapper


Ball releases when the color timer alerts green. This is a horizontal band located immediately below the playfield. Timer rotates through a sequence of ambers-to-reds before each chuck event.


If holding a ball, player aims at the Blue Zone - eight vertically aligned blocks on the right screen side. Striking anywhere within, including gaps, rewards a point. 


The computer plays Red Chuck and only needs for the ball to reach the left screen side to be awarded two points. Either Blue or Red Chuck can catch the ball, preventing point addition for the opposing head. 


Every three points for Blue Chuck moves him closer to Red Chuck. A red metallic guard behind delimits the playfield everso for Blue. The guard’s reflections of Red Chuck help discover where to sit for a potential catch.


The first player to twenty-five points is the winner. Reset to toggle a new game.


2 players
Additional to above rules, you may co-op Red Chuck using a second joystick. The computer controls movement and head selection, player opts to trigger the chuck.






Stella original release




**Update : 2020.11.11 : Cartridge Labels targeting the NTSC release.


Cart label



Cart end label




**Update : 2022.01.05 : Simulation (see 'Chalk & Duster' homebrew release thread for explainer)






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5 hours ago, bhall408 said:

Fun! Do you consider this a work in progress, or done?


If you have room (or OK to go to 8k), a title screen with the simple instructions (or at least table of the chucks and what they chuck) would be sweet!


Thank you.


Your suggestion is solid. A neat way to wrap the thing together. Is possible in 4k …


Predictably, I spend an allowance too readily on graphic effect and what passes for an AI (!) Guessing I’m 12 months from doing something decent for the 2600. Reviewing code, I’m wasting cycles & bytes on mumbo-jumbo logics which could be trimmed for the same outcome. So though I say yes, it’s done, is also another sandcastle here along a journey to building something of lasting value.


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We'll be featuring Chuck Heads LIVE on tomorrow's (Sat Apr 11) ZeroPage Homebrew stream on Twitch at 11AM PT | 2PM ET | 6PM GMT! Hope everyone can watch!







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3 hours ago, ZeroPage Homebrew said:

We'll be featuring Chuck Heads LIVE on tomorrow's (Sat Apr 11) ZeroPage Homebrew stream on Twitch at 11AM PT | 2PM ET | 6PM GMT! Hope everyone can watch!



Lucks with your chucks!

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