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Champ Sports Baseball (Atari 2600)


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20 hours ago, intergalactic419 said:

I have a spreadsheet color coded I can send over. A page for each team, each team having columns listed by position and appropriate candidates.  Cells color coded if a candidate ranks in the top 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40 all-time of their respective position. I kept players limited to one team. I really focused on the the oldest teams and the Mariners and Jays since you had them as popular requests. Also some position adjustments (I.E. Tigers Cabrera has played more games at 1st then 3rd, but the game is more fun to put him at 3rd so Hank Greenberg can play 1st).

Wow, that sounds pretty detailed! :thumbsup:  

20 hours ago, intergalactic419 said:

Come on now, do your Red Sox really need Babe Ruth? haha. They already have a potential rotation of Pedro, Clemens, Smokey Joe Wood, and possibly Cy Young (he should go to the Indians). Actually I think it would be fun to have Ruth represented as a pitcher with Red Sox and hitter with Yankees, and each team should have one fun throw in.

Lol we probably don't need Ruth as a pitcher but I do agree that having one fun player added to each team would be cool.

20 hours ago, intergalactic419 said:

Happy to work on attributes if you decide on the final players and what attributes you want.


Great thanks!  I need to figure out a balance between sim and arcade so it's not too overwhelming for casual players, so I don't expect things to be as fine-grained as EWB did it (they had a lot of attributes and even different hitting stats for vs R and vs L, etc.).  I'll send you a PM and we can start working out some of the details.  :thumbsup:  

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