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NTSC Only Homebrew Game Releases


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We have always been well looked after in PAL territories with most games available in both formats. However, I have noticed that some of the recent big homebrew releases are only available in NTSC format.

I would like to know if there are any plans for a PAL cartridge release or if there are any PAL ROMs available for the following:


DK Arcade - this doesn’t look to have been released at all which is a pity as they have done an awesome job. I would love to get this on cartridge. It has been a family favourite while in isolation as it still runs okay on PAL and the girders look pretty good. It just isn’t quite the same though with Mario being pink and blue and Pauline a sickly green. Please someone tell me there is a PAL ROM available if there is no plan to release this.

A Roach in Space 

Balloon Trip - a Pal rom has been released for this so thank you for that 

Space Cactus Canyon - this is a great game that I would love to see a PAL version become available 

Spies in the Night - think this one might be okay in PAL as it is black and white

Daredevil - I really enjoy this one and it is a very well made game that looks like something released by Activision 

Evil Magician Returns II 

Robo Mechanic - this was great fun to play and feels a little like Molemania on the Gameboy. I think this one is fine as NTSC only because it still looks cool with a blue colour scheme

Robo-Ninja Climb 


I would be grateful to anyone who could give me any information on any of these games.


Thanks and stay safe and healthy everyone!!!

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