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Sorry guys I screwed up and locked the poll :dunce: and the wonderful new forum will not unlock it despite pretending to allow it :x


So please vote (again) y'all ;-)

>>>Round 8 NEW POLL<<<


No improvement on my scores today!


latest tables

Main R7 Table

tablue based on position points from both games - tied places based on total game scores ;-)

  1st   therealbountybob              27  12pts
  2nd   graywest                        25  11pts
  3rd   McKong                           24  10pts
  4th   Deteacher                        20  9pts
  5th   MagicMarc-er                    19  9pts
  6th   Caco                               16  8pts
  7th   RedThunder                      13  8pts

  8th   mimo                               13  7pts

  9th   carlsson                           12  6pts
 10th   roadrunner                       11  5pts
 11th   pusakat                            9  4pts

 12th   slx                                   9  3pts
 13th   jblenkle                             8  2pts
 14th   Fres                                 4  2pts


Laser Gates

  1st   graywest                       123,980    14
  2nd   therealbountybob        111,300    13
  3rd   RedThunder                  65,440    12
  4th   McKong                       50,488    11
  5th   mimo                          41,788    10
  6th   MagicMarc-er               41,538     9
  7th   Deteacher                   32,938     8
  8th   Caco                          29,277     7
  9th   carlsson                      28,473     6
 10th   slx                              4,947     5
 11th   roadrunner                   4,466     4
 12th   jblenkle                        3,460     3
 13th   Fres                            2,950     2
 14th   pusakat                       2,642     1


Blue Print

  1st   therealbountybob        110,950    14
  2nd   McKong                       99,050    13
  3rd   Deteacher                    76,750    12
  4th   graywest                     76,250    11
  5th   MagicMarc-er               67,900    10
  6th   Caco                           36,050     9
  7th   pusakat                        25,400    8
  8th   roadrunner                   24,400     7
  9th   carlsson                       23,400     6
 10th   jblenkle                       17,800     5
 11th   slx                             15,000     4
 12th   mimo                          11,250     3
 13th   Fres                            6,250     2
 14th   RedThunder                  6,050     1

Edited by therealbountybob
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Stupid Blue Print!

Laser gates got near to the end of Planet 9 but had less score (106K) , I was destroying more barriers so I figure the time remaining must be accounted for in the bonus? I think to beat the 12 planets you need to limp through on maximum survival mode which is less fun - next go I will try this :ponder:



Please vote (again?! - see above): >>>Round 8 NEW POLL<<<


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17 hours ago, Deteacher said:

A little closer to the 100K barrier:  94,450!


I had 3 lives left...each time, the flower pot basically followed me.  I couldn't get away from it.  :(


You can hide in the houses from the flower pot guy. If you are on the bottom get under it and try and lure it to land then fast-run under it. Not sure if they randomly drop but was pondering on getting the to houses cleared sooner as usually gets me with no time to react !


 >>>Round 8 NEW POLL<<<

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7 hours ago, spookt said:

Laser Gates - 28,738


Blueprint - what an odd game. I need to read the instructions!


Walking flowerpot men, Giant fish guys, machine that fires sports balls nope nothing odd here, move along :grin:


Had another 110K go on Blueprint the cruch point is around 100k, really have to keep up the concentration under duress. Some nice features and a pretty good game.

Laser gates my survival mode go did not go well!

Fun round :thumbsup:


VOTES PLEASE EVERYONE (I had to replace the original poll so you might need to vote again) Round 8 NEW POLL

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[I see McKong has posted while I'm about to post this newly polished table, better not be a new score :twisted:;) ]

Improved on laser gates to 117,625 mid planet #9.


This round due to close on Sunday morning as is the  Round 8 POLL votes please EVERYONE!


latest tables

Main R7 Table

tablue based on position points from both games - tied places based on total game scores ;-)

  1st   McKong                                35  12pts
  2nd   therealbountybob             34  11pts
  3rd   graywest                         31  10pts
  4th   MagicMarc-er                   27  9pts
  5th   Deteacher                       27  9pts
  6th   McKong Bro                     27  8pts
  7th   Caco                              22  8pts
  8th   RedThunder                     16  7pts
  9th   mimo                              16  7pts
 10th   carlsson                         16  6pts
 11th   Gury                              16  6pts
 12th   spookt                           13  5pts
 13th   roadrunner                     13  5pts
 14th   chevymad                      12  4pts
 15th   pusakat                         12  4pts
 16th   slx                                11  3pts
 17th   jblenkle                          10  2pts
 18th   Fres                               4  2pts


Laser Gates

  1st   McKong                          128,167    18
  2nd   graywest                   123,980    17
  3rd   therealbountybob         117,625    16
  4th   RedThunder                  65,440    15
  5th   McKong Bro                  44,330    14
  6th   mimo                           43,184    13
  7th   MagicMarc-er                41,538    12
  8th   Deteacher                    32,938    11
  9th   Caco                           29,277    10
 10th   spookt                        28,738     9
 11th   carlsson                      28,473     8
 12th   chevymad                   16,589     7
 13th   Gury                            5,243     6
 14th   slx                               4,947     5
 15th   roadrunner                    4,466     4
 16th   jblenkle                         3,460     3
 17th   Fres                             2,950     2
 18th   pusakat                        2,642     1


Blue Print

  1st   therealbountybob         110,950    18
  2nd   McKong                       99,050    17
  3rd   Deteacher                    94,450    16
  4th   MagicMarc-er                93,200    15
  5th   graywest                     76,250    14
  6th   McKong Bro                  38,200    13
  7th   Caco                           36,050    12
  8th   pusakat                       25,400    11
  9th   Gury                           24,700    10
 10th   roadrunner                  24,400     9
 11th   carlsson                      23,400     8
 12th   jblenkle                       17,800     7
 13th   slx                             15,000     6
 14th   chevymad                   14,700     5
 15th   spookt                        14,000     4
 16th   mimo                          11,850     3
 17th   Fres                             6,250     2
 18th   RedThunder                   6,050     1


Edited by therealbountybob
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10 minutes ago, McKong said:

128167 Made it to the black planet. I didn't quite make it to the refueling station, that might have been tricky cos you can't see much of the planets features at the top and bottom of the screen, just a few lines here and there. 

Great score. I think I did beat this last time with a 128K score so it is possible, but I'm finding it much tougher going than i expected, I've gotta watch out more for the Laser Gates - clue is in the name eh?!

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