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Laser Gates 131,916 right at the end of the planet, think I ran out of time but maybe hit the booby trap!

Blue Print was having a great go over 100K on the board, had to pause it to check my dinner and of course I pushed Option (after playing Laser Gates) Argh! Forced myself to have another couple of hours just now and got to 124,500 on the last piece of the level ARRGH!



Reminder: This round due to close in the morning Sunday 10am UK time 5pm EST 

Still time for a few more VOTES: Round 8 POLL E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E!




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Congratulations to McKong for winning the round and both games (despite my efforts! damn that pause key!). I trbb took second with graywest in the 3rd place spot. Both games played well and offered a good challenge, in fact they had similarities with the eeking out the time in Blue Print and the shields in Laser Gates. Also both games' scoring was similar. A good HSC round. Thanks for playing everyone. Let's start up Round 8!



This round was a bit shorter than usual so if you missed it we will have a catch-up for the season in Round 10


final tables

Main R7 Table

table based on position points from both games - tied places based on total game scores ;-)

  1st   McKong                           36  13pts*

  2nd   therealbountybob           34  11pts
  3rd   graywest                         30  10pts
  4th   McKong Bro                      27  9pts
  5th   MagicMarc-er                    26  9pts
  6th   Deteacher                        26  8pts
  7th   Caco                                25  8pts
  8th   RedThunder                    16  7pts
  9th   carlsson                          16  7pts
 10th   Gury                               16  6pts
 11th   mimo                              15  6pts
 12th   pusakat                         14  5pts
 13th   spookt                           13  5pts
 14th   roadrunner                    13  4pts
 15th   chevymad                      12  4pts
 16th   slx                                 11  3pts
 17th   jblenkle                          9  2pts
 18th   Fres                                3  2pts

*bonus point for winning both games


Laser Gates

  1st   McKong                     135,993    18
  2nd   therealbountybob       131,916    17
  3rd   graywest                     123,980    16
  4th   RedThunder                  65,440    15
  5th   McKong Bro                   54,430    14
  6th   Caco                             45,185    13
  7th   mimo                             43,184    12
  8th   MagicMarc-er                41,538    11
  9th   Deteacher                    32,938    10
 10th   spookt                        28,738     9
 11th   carlsson                      28,473     8
 12th   chevymad                   16,589     7
 13th   Gury                              5,243     6
 14th   slx                                 4,947     5
 15th   roadrunner                   4,466     4
 16th   pusakat                        3,939     3
 17th   jblenkle                         3,660     2
 18th   Fres                              2,950     1


Blue Print

  1st   McKong                      129,500    18
  2nd   therealbountybob       124,500    17
  3rd   Deteacher                     94,450    16
  4th   MagicMarc-er                 93,200    15
  5th   graywest                       76,250    14
  6th   McKong Bro                   62,550    13
  7th   Caco                             45,600    12
  8th   pusakat                        25,400    11
  9th   Gury                             24,700    10
 10th   roadrunner                  24,400     9
 11th   carlsson                       23,400     8
 12th   jblenkle                        22,800     7
 13th   slx                                15,000     6
 14th   chevymad                    14,700     5
 15th   spookt                         14,000     4
 16th   mimo                           11,850     3
 17th   Fres                               6,250     2
 18th   RedThunder                   6,050     1


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