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Trying to convert JavaScript to ASM....


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Thank you so much again!


I'm sorry about all of the questions, but...


If I increment 'frameskip' at the start of a loop, and decrement it at the beginning of the end-of-screen interrupt: if the iteration of the loop takes too long (it's supposed to only happen once per frame), the interrupt will happen and decrement the 'frameskip' before the iteration of the loop is finished.  After the interrupt PC comes back to whatever part of the loop it hadn't finished.  Once the iteration of the loop is finished it waits for vbl (where the end-of-screen interrupt happens).  Doesn't that mean that 'frameskip' will actually be -1 once the interrupt hits again?

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Ok, so I had an idea: I took the 'waitvbl' out of the end of the loop and the game sped up like crazy.  I *think* that means that my main loop isn't taking longer than 1 frame to complete, as it started to do more than 1 iteration of the loop per frame...  I think that's correct...

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