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Unreleased Game Week (Including Sector Wars written in Assembler)


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Hello all!

I did a lot of Atari 8-bit coding as a teenager on my Atari 400 and wrote about a few games including about SIX in Atari BASIC, and ONE in 100% assembly language.


Some of you may recall that I posted about the assembly language game about 12 years ago.  It is a Shoot 'em up called 'Sector Wars" and at the time I was trying to raise money for a charity and when the target was reached I was going to release the game.  Unfortunately the target wasn't reached but some very kind people (some of which I believe frequent this forum) did donate at the time and the money went straight to the charity via JustGiving.  I always wanted to finish the game but with one thing and another I never got around to it.


Original Thread for anyone interested : 


Anyway to cut a long story short I am just finishing it off now, and I will release it here next week :).


In the meantime for the next few days, I will upload some of my games written in BASIC.  A couple were published in the UK Home Computing Weekly magazine in the 1980s, and the rest I never got around to sending off to anyone.  Some are okay but others a not so good but I will upload them for completeness.  Something for lockdown anyway ;).


For Friday (17th April 2020) I will upload the two BASIC games published by Home Computing Weekly magazine.


The Chaotic Crossing (chaotic.bas) - Published in the UK Home Computing Weekly magazine

Magazine Link: https://archive.org/details/home-computing-weekly-066/page/n27/mode/2up





HCWMan (Pacman Clone):  This isn't great - and ran quite slow.

Magazine Link: https://archive.org/details/home-computing-weekly-054/page/n47/mode/2up





Over the next few days I will release some more BASIC games including one which is a Yars Revenge clone.








chaotic.bas hcwman.bas

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I both could enjoy more life if converted to fast basic.

The chaotic crossing could use a little love in the starting music and sounds

HWC'homp PacMan, would be at a better pace and you'd give that a tweak here or there after conversion...


Nice trip back in these. Can't wait to see what else is coming.

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Everyone can still throw some money at the cause today as well! You can do so directly. The info to do so plays on the television, and the web. Just do your due diligence and pick one that the majority of the money goes to the actual work, not administration. Charity advisors exist for that scrutiny as well.

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Yes indeed, charities that have car parks full of expensive cars are NOT a good sign..


I'm all up for charity donations when I can but I refuse to fill the pockets of some  of these people where 10p of every 1.00 is going to the charitable need and the rest is 'administration'.

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Hey fellas - many thanks for the comments ;-).  It is great to see such a great Atari community around after so many years.


Philsan - thanks so much for the donation all those years ago - I have a close cousin with the disease and she manages it very well with some drugs developed a few years ago - all of which was possible through money raised over the years.  Cheers again :thumbsup:


I will definitely release it in a few days :).  I finished some coding and am testing it now.  I forgot how complicated the assembler stuff was, but have to say it is the most enjoyable and rewarding coding I have done over the years :).


Will upload a couple of more BASIC games in shortly.....

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Two more BASIC (PAL) games from the mid-eighties.  I never ended up sending these off to a magazine.


Warrior of the Flies - Yars Revenge Clone - Written in July 1983:

I was quite happy with the result of this as a kid, as I really liked the VCS version.  Of course it was a bit hampered by the speed of Atari BASIC, but I was pleased with the look/feel and sound effects :).


Electro Maze - Written April 1983:

This was the first game I wrote after learning Atari BASIC for a couple of months. It is a two player game, but to play around on your own you can just disable player 2 by adding the following line:

306 goto 320


The controls aren't the best - although I can play with a classic Atari Joystick USB using an emulator.


The idea is each player controls a FUSE around a electronic maze.  If you hit the walls you lose a life.  Eating dots gives you points.  When you hear a high-pitched sound a small bomb will appear for a limited time, and both players race to the bomb.  The first player to get to the bomb (before it disappears) which trigger a laser which will fire to the opponent who will explode and lose a life.  Once a player runs out of lives, the remaining player receives points for his remaining lives (fuses).  The highest score wins.











warrior.bas elecmaze.bas

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And here are the final two BASIC games :).  I also didn't submit these to any magazines back in the day.


Starship Dock - Written in June 1983

Dock your spaceship under the mothership.  Skill levels increase after each successful dock.




Spider Wars - Written in March 1984

Use your ship to fire at the 'Spiders from Mars' (only have 2 legs - ie: PMG limitation :)).  On a successful hit with your missile sometimes (only) will they treble in size and drop towards your ship at the bottom of the screen.  At this stage you cannot move your ship when they are falling - therefore when aiming make sure you are clear from their 'falling' path.  If they hit your ship you will lose a life.    Additionally they will RANDOMLY drop even when you don't hit them - in this case you can move your ship (it will flash when in this mode).  You have limited ammo, and can gain extra ammo as you play.






starship.bas spidwars.bas

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