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Vectrex speaker dimensions.


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Hey fellow Vectrex fans.


i would like to know the size of the original Vectrex speaker, and no I don’t mean the diameter because wel all know it’s 3”, but how deep/high is it .....AND is there any extra space behind the speaker’s end and the transformer ?


reason is simple: I’ll be cap-checking and definitely replacing some caps Soon and I’d love to replace the speaker with something better....


I searched around on the net and no info about it, not clear pictures etc.


any help would be great, thanks !

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Well, to answer my own question...just in case anyone else might ever be interested:


The diameter of the speaker is 7,7 cm.

The depth of the speaker is 2,5 cm.


There is about 1 cm. extra space between the rear of the speaker and the transformer but there is a round hole in the plastic that might spoil things for a bigger and better speaker, on the other hand...you could cut some plastic away if keeping the inside of your vectored 100% original is not that important to you....

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