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Jaguar HSC_SEASON 12_Final Standings and Prizes

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Jaguar HSC__SEASON 12__Final Standings and Prizes


Season Complete! 


Three Trophies First Second Third Stock Illustrations – 41 Three ...


Congratulations to our top three finishers; Machine, doctor_shred, and masematte!  


I will reach out to @CyranoJ to let him know the winners and we will be getting LED Carts out ASAP to you top finishers.  Congrats on a great season and winning an awesome prize! 


The HSC will be taking a short break and returning with a new Season (14--did 13 already) on May 1st!  You can let me know below games you would like to see in season 14.


The Current Jaguar HSC Rankings:


1. Machine                   130 Points

2. doctor_shred             90 Points

3. masematte                73 Points

4. Darrin9999                54 Points

5. Hyper_Eye                 43 Points

6. Rick Dangerous          32 Points

7. Iwantgames:)              10 Points

8. jblenkle                       5 Points

9. JagChris                      4 Points

10. roadrunner                 2 Points




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Hi Rick, sorry for the delay.  Message sent.


Many thanks Rick for coordinating another great HSC round.  Cheers to CyranoJ for offering the great prizes.  Also thanks to everyone that takes part in these rounds making them fun and competitive. 


I look forward to the next one!   

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18 minutes ago, Rick Dangerous said:

All addresses and cart preferences have been submitted to CJ; thanks again guys! 

They'll be shipping out from the UK shortly via Neo-RG (Thanks!)

Expect some delays due to COVID but they will arrive!

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6 hours ago, masematte said:

look cool, i hope i geht my fav, bit ill think that @Machine chose that.


let see :) 


I flip-flopped between Downfall and Rebooteroids for a few weeks. Then, I started thinking SuperFly would be kinda cool since I have never seen one on cart....but I finally went back to my favorite game on the Jag....Rebooteroids.


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