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HSC17 Round 8 - NEW Poll! "Budget Games"

The Budget Games  

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I've had to re-post this so please vote again if you had already done so !

Round 7 Poll: Budget Games!


This time a selection of what we in the UK called Budget Games, they were usually £1.99 or £2.99 cassettes and in hindsight there were some good titles, but here we have some that were suggested on the games list ;)


Post late scores for any rounds you have missed and join in on the current round. Add your favourites to the Season 17 Welcome and Games Suggestions thread.


Multi-pick polls this season so vote for as many or as few as you wish: check all the ones you like before clicking the vote button! The winning game will be played and the runner up(s) are re-polled next time. Poll ends Sunday 26th April 10am UK time (5pm EST)


Atarimania has info on the games, I've posted links to Fandal's site below but Atarionline.pl usually has several versions of each game or try the excellent Homesoft site.


Please join in and post or message me if you need any help




An intense blaster from the master: Jeff Minter

Download XEX



Not quite Blue Max 2001 but it's a great diagonal scrolling shooter.

Download XEX



Desipite it's simplicity it has something about it, uphold the law!

Download XEX


Dawn Raider

One of my picks, very difficult and has some bugs but one of the best scramble style games.

Download XEX

Crystal Raider

We played Atari's Twilight World not too long ago, this was the budget version by the same guy (Mr. Trimby). Hold in fire to take off, release and float down to collect the gems.

Download XEX


Death Race

I take no responsibility for this one, ->>>carlsson<<< another mediocre budget driving game!!!

Download XEX



A real 10/10. Possibly the ultimate intense blaser so get a plaster for your trigger finger! "Plaser Blaster" you're welcome :-D

Download XEX


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