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Video: Apple IIe PAL Color Deep Dive and Repair


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Should be particularly interesting to those of you in Europe, or if you want to know how they managed to get color on PAL systems from a computer that relied on NTSC interference to create color ?




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2 minutes ago, RetroElectroDad said:

It was so interesting! I had always thought PAL Apple IIs were mono only unless you got an RGB card. Maybe it’s because my main unit is an “International NTSC” model, so will need to pull out my PAL IIe and try it on a composite monitor.

I was told in the comments that the early PAL Apple IIs were mono, but in later models (like this one apparently), they built the composite video out from the card directly on the board. So check it out, although from the name of your unit it sounds like it's probably one of the early ones.

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That would explain it. My PAL International NTSC is a strange one - a platinum enhanced IIe but in a normal IIe case style without the larger keyboard. I think it may be 50Hz NTSC for a PAL region so I believe will be mono only. Must try my unenhanced PAL IIe though now that I know it may be colour.

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